Tuesday, September 4, 2012



            The emerald green eyes wore a penetrating gaze and the pupils in the middle were black holes of emotions. They mesmerized me right away! The long eye-lashes bordering the perfect almond-shaped eyes were however wet and yet another tear was forming! Fine crisscrossing streaks of inflamed red in the glistening white sclera hinted too much crying.

            As she kept repeatedly rubbing the fluent with a satin handkerchief, the friction produced a more visible pink at the tip of her aquiline and slightly hooked nose. Her full lips, which at other times were glossy with vivid colour and capable of creating miracles with a lustrous smile, looked dried and rather than sporting a sensuous appeal, bore only a wistful charm! Her heart-shaped face thus professed melancholy and though I was not privy to the melodrama leading to her sorrowful disposition, the same transcended into a poignant memory!

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