Monday, July 9, 2012

Delhi Diary II: Metro Man


I, Mohsin and Gautam are now a pack of three and we are kind of combing the city for senior residency vacancies. We make an awesome team, thanks to the phlegmatic and eagle-eyed Mohsin and the charismatic and the apple of God’s eye Gautam, apart from me, who can also make use of a few similar generous adjectives. I will however skip that part. The point is that the aforementioned awesomeness is diluted within the teeming numbers of the legion of eligible candidates vying for the same prized job. The face value is over sixty thousand bucks! Today the odds were 19:1!
That same awesomeness was again infinitely diluted within the intimidating swarm of busy bees in the Metro train we took to get back. As we headed for the stairs after de-boarding the train, we heard a distinct voice yelling at someone over and above the general cacophony. The words were clear, “Gentleman! You dropped your phone!” and when we all turned our heads in unison to look at the vociferous man, at the same time that we nervously checked for our own cell phones in our pockets, we saw the man, who, even though was partly bald and had grey hair, still qualified under ‘hale and hearty’ and was sprinting forwards till he reached and swung around a diminutive person by his shoulders and thrust into the hands of the latter the cell phone. Then he hurried back to board the next train in the same direction.
I looked with awe at the man! He was like Metro Man of the Megamind movie! He was the hero of the day!

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