Saturday, September 22, 2012



Mohd. Sheen is the emperor of the Chat Durbar.  This is an exclusive virtual court wherein his subjects discuss with him various matters in great detail. The entry portal is facebook. The access is unlimited and he is available at any hour.

He is a kind ruler of hearts! His humour is never-ending. That is his chief attraction and the strength of attendance of his Durbar has thus increased over time. The baseline count is five and the peak is yet unknown but may be more than fifty, which proves that he has a very patient and orderly mind.

The highlight is that out of all the connectivity numbers, females have a ninety nine per cent share. And his keenness is thus explicable. Methi and Namkeen are two regulars.

Methi is all sweet talk. She finds everything fabulous. She types in various smileys at a certain significant rate per second. Mohd. Sheen has likened her to ‘Misty Doi’! It is his favorite dessert. The content of chat is very sugary bordering on frivolity. The emperor is often lost in day-dreams soon after but with a smile fixed on his face.

Namkeen, on the other hand, delivers brilliant sarcasm every other sentence with the design that Mohd. Sheen will be none the wiser and thus she enjoys herself and stays connected. Little does she realize that the emperor is much smarter to let that happen at all times to engage her as often as she does!

While he is fond of the honeyed tete-a-tete with Methi, he likes the ribbing chitchat with Namkeen even better! His current indecision regarding his preference is only eyewash!

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