Tuesday, August 21, 2012



One truth about post-graduation period is a growing feeling of being important! The grinding in the first few months with unrelenting duty hours is relished with little joys like venous cut downs, chest tube insertions and circumcisions!
To cut and sew the abdominal wall is no less important a job than that of Heimdall of Asgard.

It is like a soldier whose sword refuses to go back into its sheath, the blade of the spirited new-comer ever willing to test its sharpness against an army of foot soldiers, herein represented by abscesses, sebaceous cysts, lipomas, corns and in-growing toe-nails! Soon he becomes boastful of his campaigns and ever so willingly announces his count! To insert a cannula into a hydrocele to see the clear water drain is like stabbing the heart of a monster filled with wicked blood!

The Jaboulays often make the stories for the day!
He soon becomes much skilled to fight emergency battles in polluted fields! He adapts in milliseconds to the obnoxious odour of the greenish gooey abdomen of old cases of hollow viscus perforation and his hands fondle the sloppy intestines as though it were dough!
Every spurting vessel is a game to catch like rabbits in the jungle! But, the Calot’s triangle is the lion’s den and his king, the master, always the sole lion-hunter!
He rather digs wells he calls colostomies to vent out flatus and feces! And he also digs into ladies’ breasts and retrieves pearly fibroadenomas. The digger also becomes a welder with anastomoses but he speaks of them less while he eyes the prize always!

He throttles and beheads many appendices and hernial sacs while he regards the lion’s den from the distance! But one fine day, he finally tastes the lion’s blood and holds high a stone-filled sac! The tales of blood and gore keep on growing as does his pride in being an executioner of gall-bladders!

It is three years of battles he has come fighting but he longs for more because he cannot let his sword rust!

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