Sunday, August 26, 2012



            The lonely boy goes un-indentified and bears the name ‘X’. He is otherwise a luminary and is a cynosure of all eyes! Of course, these words may seem contradictory but this is only due to the lack of knowledge about X.
            While his unrevealed identity generates only temporary curiosity, that must be sustained for a little more time to know his story as well as one can.
            He never shuns any company and rather remains lost in the crowd but with a distinctive quietness that makes him the odd one out. He is the best listener and since everyone likes the guy who pays unwavering attention to constant blabbering, times have never been such when he garnered any dislike. His biggest asset is the social smile he learned at 2 months of age. He speaks so less that it appears as if he has been muted by the din of this world. It is almost unpredictable when he withdraws within himself trying to find solace in unrevealed thought processes because he could still be listening to you. Such instances are frequent and the predisposition is growing! The world with all the people in it is a big chaos and to retire into his mind where nobody else is admitted is his bliss. He is not lonely in the world but he is lonely in his mind and that loneliness is his heaven.


"M" said...

who s dis "LONLY"...."LOVLY" boy???????

Gaurav Das said...

He cannot be known! He is presently working "under-cover" like "M" ;P