Friday, July 20, 2012

Delhi Diary VI: Return of Calefaction

Delhi Diary VI: The Return of Calefaction
Eighteen days ago the torridness that we were greeted with was very eloquently described by Mohsinur thus: it appears like I am sleeping on a frying pan! Mohsinur is a wily fellow and the stream of artful assembles of words that escape his mouth functions as an entertainment channel in itself. His facebook updates can only compete and lose because these are only shareware others make him choose! Original wit is his flamboyance which compares with the originality of the acting prowess of Will Smith whom he idolizes! The actor is my favourite as well and thus Mohsinur impresses me all the lot more. Thus, I have been reduced into a man who quotes him at all times. His intellectual influence keeps growing! He flashes a grin at me even as I type these words sitting in the couch opposite to him, where he is intently playing online cricket, and while he regards my thoughtful look in an offhand manner, I see rivulets of sweat dribbling from his forehead! This is one of the many indicators that the heat wave has returned with vengeance. After some insincere, shy and infrequent monsoon showers that somehow managed to keep the mercury readings below forty, the sun is again menacingly staring down upon Delhi during daytime. At night time, the calefaction continues with heat radiating from walls and floors and with long hours of power-cuts, tales of misery like the latter part of this one form update material from a fried brain!

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