Friday, July 13, 2012

Delhi Diary IV: Guwahati's News of Shame

Delhi Diary IV. 13/07/12

            The conference hall was the sanctum where our documents were being verified before the interview. It was Debashish’s turn. When the officer read aloud, “Gauhati Medical College”, a particularly restive fellow with domineering mannerisms, whose antics were hurtful to all senses, bawled an upsetting truth with lot of malice, “Guwahati! The same place where a girl was molested in the street by a mob!” That made all three of us very angry. Bharat da asserted, “That’s not the only place where this happens. It occurs a lot more frequently elsewhere!”
            The officer was a smart and amiable person who immediately sensed the simmering dissent in our hearts and made some general remarks to promote goodwill.
            However, the damage has been done! Those morons who wantonly perpetrated the crime have sullied the image of our city.
            On returning home, I see that all the national news channels are continuously flashing the incident every hour and I now harbor a feeling of unrest admixed with vexation and sadness that will die down only when I see the evil-doers speedily and harshly punished. I believe that this feeling is shared by everyone who lives or has lived in Guwahati.

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