Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delhi Diary V: Cocktails

Delhi Diary V (17/07/12) : Cocktails

1798 London Morning Post and Gazetteer’s post:
Mr. Pitt,
two petit vers of “L’huile de Venus” 0 1 0
Ditto, one of “perfeit amour” 0 0 7
Ditto, “cock-tail”

A google search thus educates me regarding the origins of the word, “Cocktail”. Mr. Pitt, the then Premier of England’s pub debts included the above.

The four of us, Debashish, Gautam, Mohsinur and me, were huddled around a small table in a restaurant, on the occasion of my part of a debt, and plentiful delectable edibles filled up plates and bowls and cramped all space atop it. At one moment, we tinkled our glasses together, one filled with beer, two others with aqueous content and one with a cocktail! The meal was sumptuous and half past eleven P.M. was time to return home. However, the day was made awesome in the previous four hours! Attaboy! Our hero, and hope he doesn’t mind, Gautam, and henceforth to be called Gutlu, entertained us like a true artist! Every dialogue of the movie playing in the big screen was like a vicious delivery bowled at him by say, Wasim Akram! But by Jove! Gutlu batted well! With undying charisma which is so much talked about, and loquacious wit, he stole the limelight! The characters in the screen impaled in comparison and that included the pretty ladies, the one with a strange surname and the daughter of the Bangalore shuttler! All of us agreed where our own Gutlu belonged because Saif was over-age in that ‘awesome threesome’! Pardon me dear Gutlu but you rocked and this is only the aftermath! Alas! From tomorrow morning I will be shuttling between home and E.S.I. hospital. The free days are over.

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