Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday Diary: Two Facts

            There are two standout observations in the hundred kilometres journey from Guwahati to Barpeta via Hajo. The first is simple arithmetic comprising of a counting job unshakeably imposed by the vexation of having to stumble upon so many speed-breakers! I would almost have emulated any neurotic in getting the correct sum total today but for the occasional inattention caused by the scare of death due to near-collision events with Wingers driven by idiotically reckless weirdos racing amongst themselves just in the hope of winning another customer to sit on the rooftop of their vehicles because all room inside happens to be jam-packed! Surely there are close to seventy speed-breakers that rankles a stiff backbone!
            The second thing is the uniformity of the dress code of the exponentially proliferating population all throughout! A striped blue lungi and a white cap is appreciable universality! The demography, unlike previously, is thus undeniably becoming indistinguishable from that of the neighbouring country with whom we share a highly porous border! Whosoever disagrees is surely an ostrich!

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