Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Delhi Diary 11

            An impatient by-stander in those painful extra O.T. hours that allowed the army of mosquitoes seize my rooms by the dusky time when I reached there; lonely hours with a large TV and a laptop and a substantial Domino's home-delivered meal with no one to share because Mr. Bharat has his in-laws and Mr.Mohsinur has a home-bound plane, making it a tedious eating job over an hour; uninteresting Champions League games and the guilt-ridden sight of dust settling over the books in the desk and the tiresome disinterest of picking anyone out of that stack; the hated inactivity and yet an abject surrender to the same demons to lie motionless in the bed pondering, planning, theorizing, reasoning, dreaming and feeling and reeling under many emotions and still shaking them off to watch the game on has been that kind of a day!

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