Friday, October 5, 2012



Though he caught her arms,
He was worried of germs!
Her sneezes were the alarms,
And thus he regretted his charms!

            Gotham Horns would not otherwise have been so lackadaisical on a date. Three hours went by but he never kissed the perfect lips he so much praised the other day. Her noisy sniffles distracted him. The fact that she had a severely deviated nasal septum did not help matters because with the other nostril blocked, she did breathe in through her mouth. The odour of that air was poisoned by infected tonsils.
He is a much superior artist when it comes to romance and ‘amazing’ is the adjective he has earned over a span of time like the web-spinning super-hero!

Sir, it is you who came before?
You are part of our folklore!
The girl won’t be seen once more,
We noticed that since days of yore!

            The waiter of his favourite restaurant had however ceased being amazed with him, benumbed with too much regularity. The song he sang was meant less for any glory than it was in celebration of the generous tip that happened to be always his due.

You cannot be truer than a hundred bucks!
It is the day more than your song that sucks!
Is it only I who can see those sitting ducks?
I commiserate with the ones I called schmucks!

            A cool breeze came across the lake on the waters of which the ducks sat almost motionless. It made Eleanor shiver more than the dry leaves of the trees in view.

Won’t you come closer because I feel the cold?
I haven’t told you but you are very bold!
Within your rippling muscles I want to fold!
Isn’t it me you so dearly want to hold?

            Thus Gotham put down his coffee cup and gingerly advanced his hand to meet the smallish, tender and so much pretty hand that immediately clasped his one with growing affection. That very moment he felt the gentle febrile warmth, wet and sticky with a little bit of greasy sweat and the mucus rubbed off her nose and thus he fought with the irresistible desire to withdraw his hand to prevent the incessant transfer of flu-causing viruses.

            Three weeks later, Gotham Horns spelled ‘lackadaisical’ rightly and won a bet!

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