Sunday, August 19, 2012

True Love and a Story


The meter read 25,000 kms and it was thus a milestone! Simone and I were 5000 metres above the sea level when the last rays of the setting sun still reached us.  She was sitting on the bonnet of Rover holding my arm as we gazed at the far-away horizon. One year seemed so long!
          Then I told her the story of the love marriage of my parents in the back-drop of the 1983 Assam Agitation riots and captured her interest for twenty minutes with a racy narration. At the end of it, we exchanged knowing smiles!
            True love indeed makes great stories a little more often than a great story makes true love!


Dr.Mayurakshi said...

Pithy, honeyed narrative, gaurav da...Nice :)

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Rov said...

Mayurakshi, this was an idea! I will write more on it some other day! ;)

Dr.Mayurakshi said...

Even this can pass off as a good 'slice-of-life' short...but long narratives are always favored