Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rov and Rover

White Rover, bright Rover
My sights are set on you
Rover baby, you are proper
And not sober
Like po-faced cars
With repellant scars
With you, I discover poesy
You are so much nicety
Minus the hauteur of Altis or City
Or the corpulent Swift
Unlike some buxom lady
Of taste to a cineaste like me
You are star in any blockbuster
But tell me, what do I do
To stop the Robber?
Keep you under the lights
Stay awake in the nights
Watch over you
Constantly, from my balcony
You make me happier than money
Cute Rover, say you ain’t so mute
Your front grille gleams a smile
I imagine your headlights twinkle
Are they not like beady eyes?
Affectionately I behold your small tyres
On which you crawl the grounds
Then happiness knows no bounds
I hear the cooing of your engine noise
And my heart skips a beat
When I look at your baby poise
Or I sit relaxing in your cuddly seat
Bow-wow of dogs don’t scare you
But where do I hide you?
Do I build a garage for you?
To shelter you like you do
When I feel like you fondle me
When I feel the warmth within you
Ay! Your air conditioner just works fine
You appear like a dream; only mine
See you thus or about-turn
Do I hear ‘Crash and Burn’
Playing in your stereo
I already feel like a hero
To own you, all this description
Lost in absolute fascination
Remain absent-minded the whole day
Never remember what others say
Am I also an academic man?
I doubt if I am staying sane
Acushla! I am lost without you
That is so much true
I can’t measure my infatuation
Unlike your gadgets that tell me your state
Or the gears, pedals and steering by which I control
You are my inspiration; you are my soul!
I may sound a Joker, hallucinate war
Dear O Rover, my sweet little car!

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