Tuesday, February 8, 2011



On 6th Feb, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed!
Before waking up, as I was groping for my cell phone to see the time, it fell from the edge of the bed onto the floor and died there and then. No efforts could revive it. With its termination, all my contact numbers also disappeared. I could recall none.

It was 11 AM because my sleeping hours were not broken by the usual alarms and suspicions still linger as to whether my cell phone was long dead!

I finished ward work within an hour, and then extracted 2000 bucks from the ATM on my way home in Rover.

At 12 noon, I was cleaning Rover and had a heart ache when I saw the askew rear bumper. Knots were missing and I did not know how. I was recalling ‘murmurs’ I had been hearing for the last 100 kms that Rover was with me, out of the showroom.

Deeply bruised in mind, I came for casualty day duty at 1 PM and was battling infinite altercations with silly people for 8 hours. At the end of the ordeal, I thought of appeasing the grudges of my tummy with tasty food rather than that provided at hostel.

A bill of 400 bucks! And the remainder in my wallet was only 1100! My mathematics unruffled me! A loss of 500 bucks and I did not know how!

At 10 PM, I was standing in front of the locked door of my room in the hostel and I could not enter! The keys had vanished from my pockets. I could not ask anyone because I did not have a cell phone. Even if I did, I could not remember a God-forsaken number!

At 10:30 I reached my home in Beltola, and there too, I saw locked gates! I jumped over it and fell on the already sprained ankle and I winched in physical pain.

I retrieved the keys and I was back within less than half an hour to unlock the door to further misery!

I stumbled on the bucket full of water and within minutes I was kneeling and wiping the floor of my room. While doing so, my head bumped on the table and a bottle of Zincovit fell crashing and broke my patience! I kicked the air, threw wild punches into space and looked above with muted anger.

I tried to escape into the world wide web. An hour into that, I was almost forgetting my jinx! And that very moment, one fitful extension of my leg sent my mirror, which was lying on my bed, flying and crashing into pieces. I saw broken images of my face on those broken pieces of glass and I was so much affected that I wrote this!

But, I could not post it because my Photon plus was disconnected just then, for non-payment of bills!!

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