Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Tenacity of the Lungi-clad Diseased

The Tenacity of the Lungi-clad Diseased

He wore a long drawn face, he was not a simpleton!
Came at an ambling pace and he won’t be left alone,
By the quartet of female company and the shrill tones;
Tho’ ill-fated with an impaled assembly and weak moans!

Past mischief in his eyes couldn’t twinkle to belie the dread,
Clamorous grief of eager voices for one who earned their bread!
Gathering around the bed where he retired like close to death,
One healer’s hand to understand the cause of the laboured breath!

He spoke from within a full-grown beard about the pain he suffered,
He broke into tears for the dozen he cared, he may have bothered!
Blood in his urine was his ‘punishment’ for all the meat he butchered;
More were his fears less than his lament to leave his family hungered!

The checkered lungi with maroon stains with much dirt and grime,
The hollowed cheeks and fetid breath showed he was past his prime.
He was prolific to father progenies and poverty was his own crime,
The bewailing of the two spouses added volume to his death chime!

But he wasn’t dying much as he believed in the words of some quack!
Faith interred in his darkened forehead gleamed as he was taken aback;
The confused joy infused spirit and he became capable of a wisecrack!
“All my days in prayers gives me power to be once more on horseback!”

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