Thursday, February 16, 2012


       The very moment that I get up late from bed in the morning, I am grappled with myriad emotions, that of anger at losing the hours after the alarm clock was turned off, of frustration because I had thought that I would replace that many hours of study lost by sleeping early, of self-pity due to the inability to change the routine, of fear as I see a mountain of books piled up on my study table and of unhappiness at having to reluctantly get up, after all, from inside the warmth of the quilt and the stress is almost asphyxiating in which condition I race to and fro to brush, bath and breakfast and my mind rehearses all the things that I have to do during the day which makes me increasingly feel the necessity for splitting myself into three to accomplish them all, but as the day progresses I find that the smothering emotions get mollified so much so that I settle for a mid-day slumber which becomes unduly long and it is dusk when I get up and the same emotions return with vengeance and soak me once more!

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