Friday, September 16, 2011

Living Misunderstood


I wouldn’t speak up because I fear,
I will be more misunderstood!
Already in trouble for all I care,
Speaking more than I should.

Whatever few words I utter,
To convey the right or explain the wrong;
I fail to make it less bitter,
And I seek a way, ponder all so long.

What’s causing distress and so much mess,
Lot of it repressed, I can’t express;
For fear of being misunderstood,
Re-live through all the ill feelings withstood.

Every passing moment, it grows so strong,
Words scare me and infinite thoughts throng;
I am muted and this state could prolong,
It will thus remain and could be yearlong.

Someday, hate will transmute into love,
To be detested to that end I need to be tough;
For all I said in silence will be heard above,
Until then, I will think I haven’t said enough.

Two videos: One by Jon Bon Jovi and another by Robbie Williams:

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